Complaints Department

Complaint Department


What do you think this is….Yelp?

It’s a BLOG….which is basically like a diary.

I pour my heart and soul out here….sort of….what could you possibly have to complain about?

Grammatical errors?  I have less than 300 readers (recently updated)….it’s not like I have an editor.

Content?  Excuse me if nip slip’s at the unemployment office, the vagina I saw at Chipotle and what I believe are seriously helpful and needed tips/suggestions for getting and keeping a job are not high brow enough for you.  Geez, this isn’t BuzzFeed.

The layout?  Back off Ethan Marcotte.  (I totally Googled, “Famous Website Designers” and then just picked one from the list). I’m an HR Manager, not a Web Designer….it took me a solid month to figure out how to add a page.

Is it me?  Like, personally?  Hey….have we met?

Well, it’s a free country, (the United States anyway), so if you really want to lodge a complaint, go right on ahead.

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