About Me


This “About Me” includes only as much “About Me” as I can share without getting fired….or possibly sued….or divorced….or all three.

So, hi there!  I’m James….a wife, a mom, a step-mom, a cancer survivor, an observer of people, an avid reader, a lover of the outdoors and a shameless connoisseur of crappy TV and pop culture….etc.

For more than ten years, I’ve worked in Human Resources, which is kind of like being a therapist…and a life coach….and a bad guy (well, girl)….and a buzz kill, all rolled into one!

I work for The Really Big Company and they would probably be very mad if they found out I devote a portion of my free time…. and maybe some of my work hours….to this blog.

BUT, what they don’t know won’t hurt them….or me….at least I hope….I guess we’ll find out.

Anyway, I love people….from afar….kind of like a stalker, but with better intentions.  So here is where I like to write about all the funny, bizarre, frustrating, sad and sometimes crazy people and circumstances I encounter in my job and life in general….this includes all the ridiculous things I do as well.

I hope you’ll find some humor in my world view.

Thanks for checking me out!


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