Waste Not, Want Not….Day 1

As I get older, I find I’m becoming far more consciousness when it comes to certain things.

Like safety, for instance.  When I was a kid, seat belts were more a suggestion, rather than a rule.  My brother and I regularly rolled about freely in the backseat of vehicles, our heads and even our torso’s dangling out of the windows like dogs.  There were no age restrictions when it came to front seat riding, it simply went to the first person to claim it and/or win it in a pushing/shoving/punching match.

When my parents needed to run a few errands or pick up a cartload of groceries, it was no big deal for my brother and I to just wait in the car.  We played with the cigarette lighter, pretended to smoke the stubbed out butts in the cars ashtray and hopped into the driver’s seat to act out scenes from the Dukes of Hazard.

Those days are long gone though.  I couldn’t imagine leaving my son by himself in the car for five second’s, let alone an hour.  At least when I was a kid, it was still safe to leave the window’s rolled down for air circulation.  These days, an unaccompanied kid is like an unaccompanied twelve pack of beer on the donut table at an AA meeting….someone is going to steal it.

Of course, these are lessons that come with experience, knowledge and age.  They’re the signs that I’m appropriately “adulting”….that I’m “responsible.”  In most ways, I think of myself as reasonably balanced.  I’m neither too strict, nor too lax.  I’m neither a helicopter parent, nor an absentee one….I’m not Joan Crawford….er my mother….or June Cleaver.

However, there is one area where I have tipped the scales from conscientious to straight up anal….and that would be anything related to waste.

There is really nothing that chaps my ass more than waste of any kind.  The wasting of time, resources and tangible goods irritates me to no end.

I’ve decided to dedicate my next several posts to complaining about my specific annoyances.


 1.  People who order $100 worth of food at a drive thru.  

A drive thru experience is supposed to be quick.  If you are spending more than approximately $10.00, the drive thru is not for you.  Park your car and go inside so the rest of us are not sitting in idling vehicles….burning through fuel….while you wait on your ten Frappuccino’s and three dozen breakfast sandwiches.


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