I Wish I May, I Wish I Might….Now it’s a Tradition

Last year, I decided to kick off 2016, not with a traditional New Year’s resolution, but with a “To-Do” list instead.  It included things I’d said I wanted to do in recent years….but hadn’t followed through on….and also some things I wanted to continue to make time for in the New Year.  I wrote about the idea and my original list in a post entitled, I Wish I May, I Wish I Might.

Now its kind of a thing….in my world anyway….so I’ve decided to make another list for 2017.  A few activities are things I didn’t get to last year, but would like to aim to accomplish in 2017, along with a few new endeavors I’m excited to explore in the new year.

  1. Teach my son to ski
  2. Trail Run
  3. Teach my son to ride a bike
  4. Remodel a bathroom in our new house – DIY
  5. Take my son on Santa’s Holiday Express Train ride on the Conway Scenic Railroad
  6. Transform our backyard shed into a “She Shed” workshop
  7. Make my own bread
  8. Set up bird feeders in our yard with my son
  9. Take a scenic drive
  10. Start writing a book
  11. Take a road trip with my family
  12. Talk my husband into getting a kitten
  13. Go fishing with my son
  14. Consider a career change
  15. Learn a new DIY skill
  16. Get a facial
  17. Sign my son up for piano lessons
  18. Paddle Board
  19. Read John Muir’s – The Story of My Boyhood and Youth
  20. Plant an herb garden
  21. Refinish the kitchen table and chairs at our lake house
  22. Spend a long weekend with my family in Acadia National Park
  23. Take a She-cation with a friend
  24. Visit and explore the summit of Mount Washington
  25. Take my son on his first overnight backpacking trip

Happy New Year!


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