I Might Be the David Hasselhoff of Canada….

It had been awhile since I checked out the stat page of my blog….so when I was alerted by the good people at Word Press that my site was trending at a higher than average rate of views….I decided to investigate the glitch.

It appears I was very popular in Canada yesterday.  I’m not sure why Canada found me so interesting,  but I’m calling it THE DAY OF MY INTERNATIONAL SUCCESS!

Whoever you people are that zeroed in on my little piece of the internet, thank you and I hope you liked what you found here….and that you didn’t read anything that might prohibit my crossing the boarder to visit (not you, specifically, I’m not crazy….or that friendly….I just mean visit your country).

Anyway, while I was practicing my best Canadian dialect, I decided to see what else my stats page had to say.

Here’s what it had to say:

“Wow!  Your blog attracts some seriously classy people.”

I came to this conclusion based on the following search terms that were used to find me on the internet….which I have organized by topic….typed as reported….and inclusive of my thoughts:

Nip Slip Blog

I’m known as a Nip Slip blog?  Really?  The nipple I wrote about was not even remotely sexy.  I would be willing to bet that anyone who actually read what I wrote on the topic, limped (heh) away from their screen feeling utterly unsatisfied.

Did you have a nip slip

I’m really curious about this one.  Is it someone wondering if the dislodging of their boob could be classified as a nip slip?  Like, only part of my nipple played peek-a-boo and not the whole thing, so does that count as a nip slip?

Or….my boob popped out of my bra, but not my shirt, is that a nip slip?

Inquiring minds want to know.

My wife likes to have her nipple slip

Um….good for you?

My wife nip slip on purpose

Where?  In private?  While out clubbing?  At Chuck E. Cheese?

Is this a problem or a benefit?

2015 nip slip

Ah, the good old round-up of the year’s best nipples.  Kind-of like the Billboard of boobies.

How to be a basic white girl

  1. Starbuck’s cup
  2. Leggings, Tunic, Sweater Dress
  3. Infinity Scarf
  4. Riding Boots or Hunter Rain Boots
  5. Long Champ Tote

And you’re there!

Can I dress up my man?

Can you be more specific?  Dress him up like how?


This is what came to my mind….but I’m also damaged, so….

Dress up for mid-life crisis party:

If looking for advice, I believe this searcher could have found what he/she was looking for by watching the Real Housewives of  (insert any one of the cities).

Stepmom all dressed up for birthday porn

You know, it’s stuff like this that gives step-mom’s a bad rap….well, this and Walt Disney.

Toilet Seat Cover Poop

Hmmm….you’re not supposed to poop on the cover and if you do, you aren’t supposed to leave it there, that’s just bad etiquette.

Meaning to snatch that person bald headed

Awww….this person must have grown up in a house where they didn’t have to duck and cover.

At the end of the day, I take great pride in knowing that so many of the people who have visited my blog….haven’t learned a damn thing.  But….I hope they were at least entertained.

Disclaimer:  It does not appear that any of those referenced above were from Canada.img_5851_2lowres.jpg

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