15 or Bust….Phase Five….Shake, Rattle & Roll.

It’s been about three weeks since I last posted an update regarding Operation Dump the Frump….my mission to achieve a healthier and more active lifestyle.  Since then, I’ve barely left the couch and have devoted my time to eating Ben & Jerry’s by the pint and watching HGTV instead.

Just kidding!

That would be super embarrassing, considering I devoted several posts to the topic of getting my booty back in shape….not to mention the small fortune I spent on work-out attire.

Truthfully, Operation Dump the Frump has been going incredibly well!

For the last few weeks, I’ve been a regular at the women’s only fitness studio I joined and I can honestly say I’ve never enjoyed exercising so much.

The instructors….and my sorority sisters in sweat….are a great group of women from a wide variety of backgrounds, goals and fitness levels.  There’s no judgement, no cliquey drama….just a bunch of women trying to be a little less creaky and a little more healthy.

I’ve yet to bail on a class I signed up for and I’ve never once groaned when my alarm clock goes off at 5:00am for a 5:30am Spinning or Booty Build class.  There are even some days I attend an early morning class followed by another in the evening.

My weight loss hasn’t been significant, but I feel great and my energy level has been brought back from the dead.  My clothes fit more comfortably and my ass is well on its way to returning solely to the northern hemisphere….so what more could I ask for?

Well….a six pack, I guess.  If wishes were horses….am I right?




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