‘Tis the Season to Bitch About Something….

This morning, while I was worshipping at the church of Starbuck’s, I read an article online regarding Christian evangelists….who are all kinds of fired up….because Starbuck’s has nixed Christmas from its seasonal coffee cups.

Apparently, this means that Starbucks hates Jesus.  At least according to a former Arizona pastor who made the pronouncement on his Facebook page Saturday night.

I studied my cup…Wow, I am really aloof!….I thought.  I hadn’t even noticed….what with concerning myself with the things that actually matter in life….and all.

Then, I took a sip of my perfectly crafted, toasty warm, skinny, vanilla latte….and as the elixir of life flowed through my veins, I was sure of one thing….Starbuck’s doesn’t hate Jesus….only a barista touched by the hand of the Holy Spirit could brew something so, so sweet.

Oh, also….I was sure of something else too….that I couldn’t possibly even begin to take seriously, the spiritual opinions of a group of self-proclaimed Christians who choose to rally under the banner of “Starbuck’s hates Jesus.”

Because, really?

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