Are You There James? It’s Me, Pitiful….

About a month ago, I got my first negative comment regarding a blog post I wrote.  Given some of the topics I’ve written about….and some of the more snarky things I’ve said….I was kind of surprised that it took so long.

You can find both the post and the comment here:  Jesus, Don’t Leave Earth Without Him.

To sum it up though, I had written about the experiences I had as a member of various religious congregations throughout my youth and conclusions I’d come to….as a free thinking adult….living in a country that allows religious freedom….about the need to affiliate myself with a specific brand of organized religion.

Apparently….this makes me a heathen.

I approved the comment, because I don’t believe in censoring the thoughts or opinions of anyone who takes the time to read, or even vaguely scan, what I’ve written.  I want my blog to properly and fairly depict it’s reputation….whatever it may be.

For ease of reference as I compose what is to follow….I’ve also copied the comment….in it’s glorious entirety….below:

“Hi! You are to be pitied! I cannot blame you for your dysfunctional family but I must say that your cheap shot at Christ must leave you empty inside. You offered me nothing in your article. I can feel nothing but pity for you. I know Christ personally and will talk with you at any time on this subject. Just gaze at the clear heavens of an evening and read the “fine tuning ” of the universe and then tell me there is no Creator–and I will say you are unperceptive indeed!! James”

So, here’s what I think James.  Though I hate to call out the obvious, it’s clear to me that you apparently got something out of my “article” or you wouldn’t have taken the time to respond.  Items that have no value or worth, tend to be discarded without a second thought, but you felt compelled to write me.

Furthermore, are you aware of the definition of a “Cheap Shot?”  I had a general understanding, but I did look it up just in case my thoughts on the phrase were out of line.  According to Merriam Webster, a fairly relevant source when it comes to definitions, a “Cheap Shot” is defined as:

1.  an act of deliberate roughness against a defenseless opponent 
2.  a critical statement that takes unfair advantage of a known weakness of the target.

It’s funny you would choose that term then.  I would not have suggested and/or considered Christ to be a defenseless opponent with weaknesses for the takedown, but regardless, I have re-read what I’ve written….several times….and have yet to come across a sentence or a paragraph that starts or ends with, “Jesus, the Holy Spirit and a Priest walk into a bar….” or anything of the like….so I guess I’m not clear on the “cheap shot” I lobbed at Christ.

I will, however, agree that I may have taken a few jabs at organized religion.  But still, none of what I wrote was untrue as I lived, observed and perceived it to be.  What I think you fail and are far too unperceptive to understand, quite unfortunately I believe, is that religion and faith are not mutually inclusive.  It’s possible for one to exist without the other….just ask Josh Duggar, or any number of pedophiles disguised in a clerical collar.

As it relates to your assessment regarding my general depth….or lack thereof….I will only say that the fact that I survived my “dysfunctional family” with my sense of humor and faith….yup, faith….in tact and that I have managed to create a beautiful family, to raise my son devoid of the cycles of substance abuse and the physical, emotional and verbal abuse that plagued my own childhood, that I have devoted myself to the hard-work required to create a lasting marriage, that I became the first person in my family to graduate from college and that I went on to build a successful, stable career that helps provide for my family and that I was able to dig down deep with everything I had and survive a cancer diagnosis at 22 weeks pregnant….all while never once lambasting or denouncing God….fills me with an immeasurable sense of pride and gratitude that has only served to strengthen my faith….a topic you are nowhere close to being qualified to judge.

Finally, you clearly did not read the part of my “article” where I stated, specifically, “Personally, I believe in God and always have.”  I’m guessing it’s because you were too busy passing judgement and leaping to conclusions… perceptive of you.

While I appreciate your offer to discuss YOUR personal relationship with Christ, I’d like to offer a quote from my favorite book in response:

“Sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whisky bottle in the hand of (another)… There are just some kind of men who – who’re so busy worrying about the next world they’ve never learned to live in this one, and you can look down the street and see the results.”  Harper Lee.  To Kill a Mockingbird.

To put it more bluntly though, I’ll pass on your offer.

But hey, thanks for stopping by James, because I’m willing to admit I got something from you.  Affirmation of the path I’ve chosen to walk.



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