Where the Hell Have You Been!?

I can imagine that this is the very thought that has been endlessly running through the minds of the 85 people who follow and perhaps….even look forward to my regular ramblings.

Then again….maybe not.  Maybe no one has noticed or sensed my absence and neglect in the great and vast blogiverse.  To which I say….OUCH.

Well….whether or not you have wondered, want to know, or don’t really care at all, I’m going to tell you anyway.

So, where have I been?

I’ve been busy.


At least my version of THE DREAM anyway.

After a particularly long and relentless winter that lingered well into April and for many days left us literally trapped in-doors due to the volume of accummulating snow….108.6 inches in total to be exact….when the weather finally broke and spring leap-frogged directly into summer, my family and I busted out into nature like a gang of escaping convicts and it couldn’t have come a moment too soon.

Every one us was winter weary, pasty and desperate to feel the heat of the summer sun and the warmth of evening breezes.  We wanted to see green again….to feel the grass on our feet, to hear the birds chirping and to see the various signs of life….both new and old….that symbolize spring.

Five years ago, my husband I purchased a piece of paradise….at least we think so….when we bought our lake house in Maine.  Located down a short dirt road, easily missed if not looking for it, our house sits on several acres boasting both woods and clear yard space and several hundred feet of clear frontage to the lake with two naturally created sandy beaches.

Though it often feels quiet and secluded, we are still within walking distance to the tiny and quaint town center of Naples, Maine.  The largely seasonal community pops to life in the spring and shutters up almost completely just after leaf-peeping season.  Our adorable town offers a handful of restaurants, ice cream stands, an arcade and tiny shops for visitors to amble in and out of as they meander through the causeway….taking in the views of New Hampshire’s White Mountain range some 70 miles in the distance, but clearly visible from nearly any location along the lake.

At just over two hours from our home in Massachusetts, we make the drive every weekend between Memorial Day and Labor Day….along with as many additional days as can be squeezed in throughout the spring and summer months to soak up as much of the clean, fresh air as we can while reveling in the peaceful calm that always seems to wash over us the moment we pull down our lane.

We spend our days swimming, kayaking, paddle-boarding, reading, playing games, golfing, hiking, berry picking, fishing and just generally relaxing.  I’m grateful for every second of it.

Though our house is fully equipped with wifi, cable television and decent cellular coverage, I found myself disconnecting this summer in a way I haven’t in previous years.  Rather than concern myself with capturing moments….and in some cases, reenacted moments….for Facebook or Instagram, I was, instead, content to simply be present….to absorb those moments and then let them pass into my own memory.

In many ways, this summer has felt a little like paying homage to summer’s past….to the days when having nothing to do, was something to do.  When the world seemed so much bigger and mysterious and when everything couldn’t be had or known with the push of a button.

This summer, I’ve sat, quiet and content, just watching my children play….holding my husband’s hand, with nothing to say, but a million things to say, as we sit on our dock and gaze out at the beautiful scenery that surrounds us.


I’ve been entertained fully by my three-year-old son as he streaks across our yard to the lake yelling, “Mommy, I want to be naked!” as he charges into the water for a swim and I’ve spent hours happily watching him jump from every tiny rock and root along hiking trails as he takes his time examining the various leaves and sticks and bugs and flowers and berries he stumbles upon.


I’ve absorbed myself in books and conversation and day dreams and nothing and it’s been fulfilling and glorious and has truly  reopened my eyes to all the incredible wonder that surrounds me all the time.

It’s a wonderful life and I’ve been busy living it.

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