I Couldn’t Have Said it Better Myself….Day 1

Fairly recently….well, OK, more like eight days ago….I was invited by Autumn who writes a beautiful blog at Welcome to My World….to participate in the 3 Quote Challenge.

Each day, for the next three days, I am to reference a quote of my choosing and write a little something about it.  I have to admit….it was far easier said than done!

Dozens of quotes came to mind, but after starting and deleting at least two dozen drafts, I was afraid I’d entered a perpetual state of writer’s block.

Nothing I wrote seemed to be exactly what I wanted to say or why I wanted to say it.

So, I walked away.

I kind of, sort of, did some work….but mostly, I hung out with my family, read a book, played some golf and then this afternoon….on the cusp of just waking up from a particularly lovely nap on the porch of our lake house in Maine….it came to me and I knew exactly the quotes I would choose and what I would say.

Here goes….

“You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?” ~ (Batman)  

I haven’t….not exactly….but….I have gone a few rounds with my husband’s ex-wife….which is pretty much the same thing.


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