Thanks For Stopping By….

In recent weeks, I have become somewhat obsessed with the stats page for my blog.  Admittedly, I’m not super savvy with regard to the world of blog promotion and all the ins and outs of increasing my blog’s visibility to readers.  I’m just kind of winging it and enjoying the experience.

I started my blog in November of 2014 and as of this moment….I have 73 followers, for which I am super grateful for….and my blog has had 651 visitors and 1,149 views….I have no idea what the difference is between visitors and views….I’m that novice.

My recent statistical obsession though is not about the number of visitors/views….it’s all about the “Search Terms” section.  Frustratingly, there have been 44 unknown search terms used to direct visitors/views to my site.  I would love to know what they are….but thanks to pesky privacy rules….they remain unknown.

There are enough known search terms though to keep me regularly entertained.  Here are a few of my favorites.

1.  “How can I make someone nip slip” and “2015 nip slips” were the most recent searches captured.  I can only imagine the disappointment of the user who was scouring the internet for tips on willing….perhaps Jedi-like….a nip slip to occur….only to find my blog post, entitled “Nip Slip,” about the woman I met while recruiting at the unemployment office.

I first described encountering her in the restroom where she was unloading something awful.  Then, how she sauntered into the conference room I was using to engage in a bit of chit chat and I noticed her nipple.  It was taking turns with the other peeking out at me from the large loops of the misshapen knit sweater she was wearing without a bra.  If that didn’t kill the mood of the search, I don’t know what will.

Out of curiosity, I too Googled “How can I make someone nip slip” and I was relieved to find that there are no helpful tips out there for creepy guys to test out in a crowded bar or at a frat party….but the searcher must have been pretty desperate if Google was his search engine of choice….because I had to go through six pages of searches before I found my post.

For the guy (just a guess) who was probably just hoping for a good photographic tally of nip slips to date….Hey buddy, if you make it back for another visit….Enjoy!


2.  “How to Be A Basic White Girl” was another search term that garnered a bit of attention to my site.  I wrote about discovering I was essentially, a “Basic White Girl,” thanks to an article I saw online called, “20 Signs You’re a Basic White Girl.”

The label wasn’t the sole theme of my post though….it was part of a broader topic regarding the mother’s I have encountered while playing with my son at indoor play spaces in and around our community.

The title of the post was, “I Think Your Kid Just Ate a Booger.”  I would love to know exactly what advice the internet user who was directed to my site through the search term above, thought she might find related to Basic White Girl’dom….just based on the title of the post alone.

I hope, at the very least, my short check-list pointed her in the right direction.

√ – Starbuck’s Venti Non-Fat Skinny Vanilla Latte (or something similar, but of course purchased at Starbuck’s)

√ – Infinity Scarf

√ – Some combination of a tank-top/button-down/cardigan/cable sweater/tunic/sweater dress

√ – Skinny Jeans

√ – Riding Boots or Uggs or Ballet Flats….unless it’s raining/snowing and then it’s Hunter Wellies or Bean Boots.

√ – Longchamp Tote


3.  “Job Fair Swag” was a search term that was kind of surprising to me.  For one, I figured I was the only one who used that term….in fact, I had believed I invented it….so I was a little disappointed to learn it wasn’t as unique a term as I’d thought.

For two, why search?  It’s fairly common knowledge for those of us in the industry that job fair trinkets are hand-sanitizers for the medical industry recruiters….pens and mints for the cheapskates….stress balls for those with slightly better budgets….water bottles and drink koozies for the show off’s and so on.

My post, entitled, “I’m Just Here for the Swag,” wasn’t exactly about job fair swag.  It was about the overall job fair experience from a recruiters perspective….or at least my perspective as a recruiter / representative of The Company….in which I essentially likened the entire experience to a garage sale.

I wish I knew what the internet user was looking for when they stumbled upon my page and my post and if they learned anything….like, the peril that befalls a recruiter who doesn’t bring anything and the importance of a well chosen trinket to attract the most attention of the shoppers, er, job seekers making their way through the basement of the local Elk’s Lodge in search of swag, er, jobs.

I hoped they liked what they read.


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