Intestines in My Hands!

I’ve never actually had intestines in my hands….I saw it on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy….but the following did actually happen this week….which I feel is kind of the equivalent:

1.  An applicant told me he was a 7 Day Advantageous…..yup….Advantageous.

2.  An associate quit because he said it was, “just too cold,” when he got up in the morning to come to work.

3.  I was asked if “shiny polyester pants” were allowed under the dress code policy.

4.  I saw a bumper sticker on a station wagon that said, “If You’re Riding My Ass, You Better Be Pulling My Hair.”  It was applied adjacent to another sticker that looked something like this….


5.  I saw a sign outside of an assisted living facility that said, “We Have Openings.  Free Shovels!”  I assume it was meant to be a reference to the snow….but, considering the clientele with one foot in the grave….maybe not the best advertising pitch.

6.  I got this email from an internal employee I was working on transferring to a new role….

Job Abandonment

May God be with you too buddy….maybe he’ll have insights on a new job.  Bye.

7.  I got an application from someone with the last name Annis.  I’ve seen the name in my openings before, but we’ve never connected.  I don’t think he’s qualified, but I would love to know if his last name is pronounced ANNUS….and I kind of hope it is.

8.  I spent part of a work day with a piece of a Platex tampon wrapper stuck to the side of my pant leg.  I have no idea how long it was there.

9.  Someone quit on Monday, without notice, then asked for his job back on Thursday.  I gave it to him….because I’m desperate.

10.  I found out that alcohol will NOT be supplied at my company’s upcoming leadership meeting….this does not bode well for me.  How am I supposed to superficially connect with these people if they aren’t all drunk?

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