This Week in the News….The News that Doesn’t Matter….

Jessa Duggar-Seewald Shares Love Letter from Hubby

Huh, I didn’t realize she married a 12-year-old girl…


‘Sister Wives Star’ Divorces One Wife, Marries Another

Cody Brown has apparently divorced is first wife Meri to legally wed Robyn….the youngest and newest of the wives.  The Brown family referred to the move as a “legal restructuring of the family.”

The company I work for has restructured a number of times….some call it “trimming the fat.”  



Heidi Montag Believes Dad’s Sexual Abuse Allegations “Are False”

And who wouldn’t trust her judgement….really?


Teresa Giudice Is Writing A Book Behind Bars

First, she can write?  Other than her name….on fraudulent documents?  Well….I’ll be damned….

If she’s considering ideas, I think an appropriate title would be something like….“The New American Dream.  Cashing in on the Pot of Gold at the End of the Felony Rainbow.”

Sorry state of New Jersey….I think she’s getting the last laugh on this one.


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